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While our site is easy to use, 

(1) Pick you style - size.  (2) Choose your wrap / edge detail.  (3) Upload your photos.  (4) Add to cart / order

You may want to have something extra special done to you Photo Canvas.

From adding text, or changing colours or other effects, we are here to help. Upload your photo in our photo Uploader form, give us an idea of what you'd like to create and we will work with you to design your photo canvas

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We Can Add Your Text...

Adding text to your canvas prints is a nice way to personalise your photos. While our Texvas range have the option for you to add your own title text, when it comes to other projects, for instance, adding the lyrics of the song of your first wedding dance, (which are very popular), we would prefer to design it here for you, working with you to create a stunning design. 

From picking a size and type style that will suit the canvas, to positioning within the photo where it can be seen against the background etc. 

Allow us work with you and prepare some sketches for your approval.

Be Creative...

Sometimes you may be looking for something extra special. While there are a lot of photo editing apps available on the market, few can do the professional standard of work that's really required for large canvas prints. And it's not just the app. It's also important that it's used by someone who knows what they're doing. We are experts in professional photo editing software, and we are here to help. So if you have an idea, just contact us with the details and any photos you may have and we'll work with you to create your unique photo canvas

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12 colour printer

Pre Print Check...

Before printing your image, we will check for quality / resolution. It's always advisable to use a high resolution photo, (always advisable to have your camera setting set to the largest size and highest quality (dpi / pixels).

We also have a look at the colours, tone etc of your photo and will do any alterations necessary to ensure you canvas prints will look as amazing as they can.

If you're unsure of anything, just make a note in the order form or contact us here. Send us your photos and we'll be happy to check them out for you.

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Our canvas prints range

Along with the normal Square, Landscape & Portrait shaped canvases, we have a large selection of panoramic sizes. We also have a great selection of collage sizes and templates to choose from. Also we do fantastic Split canvases, (but check out our Split Canvases page for some important tips and advice),

We have a large range of styles and sizes. Our Lite Range, for our smaller canvases are stretched over 18mm frames, while our Premium Range are stretched over 38mm frames.

Our Standards...

We only print on 100% Cotton Canvas. The natural fibers of the canvas fully absorb the inks, (not just resting on the surface as in Polycotton canvases). 

We print using the Canon IPF Photo Printer.  A 12 colour specialists canvas printer with exceptional colour output. The genuine Canon inks are uv inks meaning your image won't fade and can even be hung in direct sunlight.

pre print design check

Can we help...

If you need any help with your photos, If your not sure how to order or use our site or want some adjustments done on your photos before printing, just send us your photos. (Use our contact form here). Give us an idea of the size canvas prints you'd like and we can do all the work for you here. We'll prepare a sketch for your approval and then if you're happy to proceed we can send a payment request, get your delivery address etc.

We are here to help, so don't hesitate in getting in touch.

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