Free Photo Enhancement

While there are many good and free photo imaging software packages to download,

nothing comes close to the professional packages. But it's not just the software, you also need to know how to use it.

It's all too easy to over-work an image, make it look unnatural and, well just spoil it.

But in the right expert hands, it is possible to make changes to a photo which will greatly improve it.

Have you ever had a picture with an ugly electric pylon in the distance. Wish it wasn't there, well, let's get rid of it.

Want to have a soft focus outside your main image. How do they do that? No Problem.

Whoops, that damn little blemish makeup didn't hide, Easy, consider it gone.

It's also possible to alter the colours, maybe change most of the photo to black and white while leaving just one element in full colour. We can alter the Hue, the Contrast, Vibrancy etc.

We an want you to have the best possible canvas, so if there is a bit of photo imaging malipuation you need, just let us know. We'll do it for you. Just put in the comments box as you order your canvas what you're hoping for or simply

just ask us to use or own judgement. We will do what we can for you.

We will do as much as possible for you, we have no problem spending a little time on your photos to improve them, but if there is a lot of work required, and we do mean a lot, we will contact you to discuss.

Always remember, to have your camera settings to the the highest resolution. It makes a big difference when your photo is increased in size.

Skin Softening

Examples of Photo Work

Skin Softening, Blemish Removal

Soft Focusing

Colour Enhancement

Examples of Photo Work

Soft Focus / Dept of Field

Examples of Photo Work

Colour Enhancement

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