Panoramic Photo Canvas

Panoramic Canvas Prints are becoming more and more popular. Their modern and stylish look will enhance any home design, looking fantastic hanging on any wall.

Most cameras and even phones now have the Panoramic settings and these can take fantastic images. (As always make sure you have the picture quality and size set to max).

Simply put, panoramic photo prints are wide and narrow. While they are the perfect way to display a city or landscape photo, they, with a little creative thinking, can display any photo in a new and exciting way. Visit our site and upload your photo into one of our many panoramic photo templates, use the Zoom and Pan tool to see how your photo will look. Then if your happy with the layout just order it. Or be a little more creative. When your in our photo layout editor, flip your photo 90 degrees to make a tall and narrow print. Great to hang on stairs.

We have a wide range of sizes to pick from and all at very reasonable prices. We only print on 100% cotton canvas not just for that extra quality but also to ensure your image is light fast, i.e. no colour fading. Because we use the natural cotton canvas the inks are full absorbed into the canvas thus protecting the print from scratches. Because of this we don't need to apply a protective varnish, which may dis-colour over time and our canvases can be hung on a wall in direct sunlight. Also with no varnish, there's no light glare on the canvas, which can be very off putting.

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