Photo Canvas (Tips & Ideas)

Let's get creative.

Below are just some tips and ideas for your photo canvas.

We at can also enhance, beautify and add text to your photo canvas. If there's an idea you have, let us know and we'll be glad to develop it with you. Upload your Photo(s) or email us us your idea.

It is important that your images / photos are of a good quality / resolution. (What is Resolution)

Positioning and Cropping​

In our "Self Design" photo editor you can size, rotate and position your photo(s) anywhere on the canvas.

Add text or change the background, crop the photo etc.

Tip: Have a look at some magazines and see how the professionals layout their photos. It's usual and makes a pleasing layout to have the subject off center and the top of the head off the page. Try it and see how you get on.

Photo Enhancement

Small adjustments to the colour, tones, contrast etc of your photo can really make a big difference. A little sharpening can give depth, a blurred background can mean we focus on the main subject of the photo.

All these little steps can transform how your photo canvas will look.

Also sometimes the camera can be a little unfair to us.

for instance any small skin blemishes can be more easily seen.

Here we enhanced the colour, getting a truer picture of the girl. We were also able to soften her skin and even give her a small eye brow lift.

Tip: Keep it natural


While you can add text in our Self Design pages, if you need a lot of text it may be best to let us do it for you.

We can add transparent backgrounds, position your

photos etc.

We will work with you, sending designs to you for review or approval. Our canvases last a life time so it's always worth a little time and effort prior to print to get the design right.​

Tip: Keep in mind the size of the text. A lot of text on a small canvas may not be seen.

Be Creative...

​How creative? Well how long is a piece of string.

Okay not all of us are the creative types but have a look at the picture on the left. Just a simple photo that was cropped to the girls face and then split over 4 canvases.

Simple but it is a little different and I'm sure you'll agree, it does look great.

Get in touch with us if you'd like us to give you some ideas. Just tell us what you can about your project, or what you're hoping to achieve.

Tip: Don't make things over complicated. Remember Less can be More.

Add / Delete Colour

A little splash of colour in an black and white image can look fantastic.

We can change your photo from colour to black and white or can add a splash of colour to an already black and white photo. The results can be amazing and make for great photo canvases.

Tip: Just do one area or object in colour. This becomes the focal point for the eye so having more will only distract from the overall canvas.

Nice Ideas...

So you got a talented artist in your home. Rather than sticking the masterpiece on the door of the fridge, ever think how it would look printed on a canvas and hung in your living room? Not only can it be a nice painting to be enjoyed by everyone who sees it but how proud would you be to have it on display.

We can scan your photo and then print it onto canvas.

Tip: If you're going to take a photo of the painting, turn off the camera flash and take the photo in daylight. And remember, if photographing or scanning, set the resolution / quality to the highest setting you have.

Panoramic / Tall and Slim

Nice Ideas...

Our stairs are always next to tall walls and so it can be difficult to find a good fitting canvas for them. We tend to think of panoramic canvases being long and narrow, but why not tall and slim.

Here we have a stylish set of panoramic family portrait canvases going up the stairs (Look to at the cropping of the pictures, we can be very creative).

Try for your self in our panoramic section. You can rotate your image in the photo editor or send them to us and we'll prepare some sketches for you.