How to create a Split or Multi Panel Photo Canvas

A Split or Multi Panel Photo Canvas can make a fantastic addition to any wall. At home or in the Office, their eye catching layout enhances any room creating a stunning visual focal point. The modern look of these art pieces have become increasingly popular in recent times and now more than ever they are easy and very affordable to create.

There are a few important points top consider when you decide on the layout of your panels, but most important is the quality / resolution of the photo itself. Because of the size these canvases can be it is essential that the resolution of your photo is high.

However, you don't need to worry to much about any of this, we at will check your photo for the quality as well as how the photo will look in different combination of styles, sizes etc. We will prepare a few sketches for you and if you send us a picture of the room where you intend to hang the canvases, we will show the canvas on your wall.

So, once the quality / resolution of the photo has been satisfied, it's now time to decide on the style of the multi panel canvas. How many panels would you like. Then, it's just about the layout. You need to make sure that no important parts of your photo are lost in the gaps, or on the edges.

This again is where we can be a great help to you. While we only have a few templates on the site, which may be worth having a look at to get an idea of how layouts will look, we can make any combination of sizes and styles that best suite your photo. In the example below you'll see how we were able to pick the panel sizes, layout and style to best suite the photo of the Sydney Opera House.

Here you can see that all the main features of the photo sit comfortably on the face of the canvases. Nothing is off centre or lost in the gaps or on the folds.

A couple more examples below...

That's about it as far as the tips and suggestion go. But a couple of more small other points about our canvases.

We use 38mm stretcher bars on all our split canvases. This gives them a nice depth which is important for such pieces. If we were to use the 18mm the canvases would look very flat on the wall. Because of this and because we like to keep the gap between the about 50mm, (any larger would be to big a gap) we have double up the image on the interior folds. A clever way to make sure your canvases are display at their very best.

For the extra quality we also only use 100% cotton canvas. We done use polyester or a mixture of poly/cotton on any or our prints.

So to finish up, remember we are here to help. Just send us your photo and an idea of the size and style you're interested in and leave the rest to us. Don't forget if you'd like, to send a picture of the room where you'll be hanging the canvas and we can show you a mock up of how it may look.

Try out a couple of our templates to get an idea of how your canvas will look. It may be perfect so you can just go ahead and order from there if you wish. (We will still double check it for you before printing to make sure it will look its best.

Click below to go to templates page


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