Canvas Prints - Collage Canvases

July 4, 2018

 A Collage Canvas Print is simply a single canvas with 2 or more photos printed onto it. They can come in many sizes and styles and normally have a number of photo place holders where you upload your photos to create your canvas print. We at not only have a large number of ready created templates in many sizes and styles for you to use, but we also have  a function where you can upload as many photos as you like, position them anywhere on the canvas, resize, crop, rotate and add borders. You can also pick your own background colour (or indeed use one of your photos as a background) and add text.

I will do another blog in the next day or two with instructions on how to use this "Self Design" feature. The design options are limitless and it's easy to create some fantastic canvas prints.

Collage Canvas Prints are very popular for your holiday memories or wedding photos. They are also perfect as a gift eg a 21st or indeed any occasion. 


All Canvas Prints, including our Collage Canvases are printed on natural cotton canvas and hand stretched over kiln dried premium 38mm frames. They come with fitted hanging brackets and so are ready to hang on your wall.



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