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Canvas Photo Prints
Canvas Print
A canvas photo print / canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, over a frame and displayed to be enjoyed and shared. Canvas photo prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or with easy access to computers, tablets or even mobile phones, along with the rise and advancements in camera technology, customised photo canvas prints with personal photographs have become very popular. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. They are a unique way to add character to any home or commercial design.
Printing methods
Reproductions of original artwork have been printed on canvas for
many decades using offset printing. Since the 1990s, photo canvas
prints have been associated with either dye sublimation or inkjet
print processes (often referred to as repligraph or giclée respectively).
The photo canvas print material is generally a photo canvas cotton or
plastic based poly photo canvas, often used for the reproduction of
photographic images.
Camvas.ie uses the leading 12 colour large format printers to produce
our photo canvases. We are capable of printing onto photo canvas rolls
measuring 1.2 metres. Our canon photo
printers are the best on the
market giving amazing colour reproduction. We can print onto Photo
Canvas material, Photographic paper, Poster Paper, or even self Adhesive Vinyl. Our Photo Canvas Prints for wall art is generally of a weight around 350 gsm and we can use as an option, 100% pure white cotton for a more exact colour representation.
After the image is printed, the photo canvas is allowed to 'cure' to allow for the ink to fully adhere to the photo canvas material. This
will also allow time
for any degassing. Then we trim the canvas photo to size and stapled it to traditional stretcher bars.
We offer two sizes depths in our stretcher bars. 18mm most suitable of our 12
Canvas print
and 18" photo canvas prints on the polyester photo canvas material, and
38mm bars for our larger photo canvas prints. The frames are constructed from solid
pine, kiln dried to remove any moisture to avoid any future warping. The
photo canvas print is then wrapped round the edges of a stretcher frame,
stretched bars canvas print
gallery-wrapped. This can be used to enhance the three-dimensional
effect of the canvas photo print.
All our photo canvas prints are tapped at the at the back and come ready to hang, with our hanging hooks.
Uses for prints
Photo Canvas Prints are commonly used in home decor, either chosen by
professional interior designers, or by the homeowner. Our Photo Canvas Prints can be ordered online through or site. If you need any help or advice, design or otherwise please just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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