What is a Gallery Wrap Photo Canvas

When creating your Photo Canvas, you may be asked how you'd like the edges to appear. You will generally have a couple of choices. A Gallery Wrap or Museum Wrap.

So, what are they, what's the difference.

Well, because the canvas will be stretched over the stretcher bars, (interior frame) how the sides (edges) of the canvas will have to be considered.

Generally a Gallery Wrap will have the photo folded over the edges, while a Museum Wrap will have the photo on the face of the canvas but will have the edges in a solid colour or left White.

Here we can see the Gallery Wrap has the photo folded over the edges, while the Museum Wrap is left White.

In the images above, you can see that along with the Museum Wrap being left white, we have a white border around the photo with added text on the bottom.

This is a photo of our Texvas Range and it shows a good example of the use of a Museum Wrap canvas.

The stretcher bars make up the interior frame that the canvas is stretched over. The canvas is then stapled to the back of theses bars. The depth / thickness of these bars are normally about 18mm or 38mm and it's important that when you order your canvas to make sure that these bars are Kiln Dried to avoid any warping due to moisture. Its also a good idea that the staples at the back are covered by framing tape to protect your walls from scrapes and scratches.


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